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Our Hearing and speech abilities are linked to improved communication, social life, health, relationships, and happiness. We are the best speech therapy in Hyderabad. We provide speech therapy services for children as well as adults. Early diagnosis of the speech problem ensures early intervention and prevents deterioration. It is a technique to help people with speech and language problems to speak clearly without much effort.

Any speech, language, or feeding impairment can have far-reaching consequences, affecting every aspect of a child’s life, including learning, play, and interactions with family and friends. At The Hear N Say Clinic, speech-language pathologists treat a variety of communication and feeding issues.

At HEAR ‘N’ SAY Clinic, we have a tailor-made approach for each and every patient with speaking problems. There are several speaking inabilities that make it impossible for an individual to convey his message. Speech problems can be the result of problems with the brain or nerves. Some of the issues are Stuttering, Delayed Speech and language, Articulation disorder, Dysarthria, Voice Disorders, cerebral palsy, aphasia, cleft lip, and palate, etc. If you know someone who is suffering from speech problems? The therapists at our clinic are here to help you with any speech, language, and voice disorders.

At Hear N Say Clinic, our speech-language pathologists work hard to help children and adults communicate to the best of their ability. We work closely with commercially available systems such as iPad and iTouch. We can assess and give professional opinions on whether an augmentative and alternative communication system is appropriate for a client and what type of system would be best. An assessment at Hear N Say Clinic is the best way to determine which device would be appropriate for you or your loved one. The speech-language pathologists will evaluate which method is the most effective for the child.


Speech Therapy

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