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Occupational therapists at The Hear N Say Clinic help children and Adults develop and build skills important for independent functioning, health, well-being, security, and happiness.

The occupational therapist’s focus is on a child’s main responsibilities-playing and learning and his or her role as a student, friend, sibling, and son or daughter. Therapy is designed to seem like play, yet the therapists are actually creating a controlled environment that stimulates the sensory systems and provides the “just right” challenge for the child to move about and interact with his/her environment. Therapists at The Hear N Say Clinic have extensive training in determining challenging therapeutic activities aimed at assisting children to reach their greatest functional independence.

Comprehensive evaluations are offered in areas including: gross and fine motor skills, cognitive function, visual perception, self-care skills, neurosensory processing skills, and social skills. Therapists are certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, as well as developmental and motor proficiency tests.


Occupational Therapy

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